Giuseppe Ambrosioni - Artisan

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Unique pieces with exclusive and original designs 100% handmade.

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Much of the materials come from nature and are obtained in a sustainable way. 

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The wood used is indigenous and recycled from pruning or fallen trees.

If I ever had the chance to annihilate a man, to punish him with the most horrible punishment, I wouldn't do anything other than giving to his work the character of a total and utter uselessness and meaninglessness.

Fiódor Dostoyevski

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                 My name is Giuseppe Ambrosioni.In July 2005 I started walking from Le Puy (France) and in mid-September I found myself crossing Asturias.

Captivated by the beauty of its landscape, its unique history and leisurely pace, I decided to settle here, and thus, in 2006 the Asturian adventure began.

Previously, I had been working in Italy in a sailing shipyard, making models, scale prototypes, molds, casts and a host of other handcrafts. I always wanted to have my own workshop and, in Asturias, I finally made it true and my passion became my work.

Since then the activity at Lino Workshop never stopped and I develop my own ideas, designs, forms, materials, techniques, etc. My creations are unique pieces. I make calligraphy instruments, household utensils, jewelry, figures, toys, and anything you can imagine. Olive, Yew, Boxj, Walnut and many others are the noble woods where my works find shape. I normally use pieces from pruning or fallen trees and I also reuse wood from old traditional constructions. Other materials such as ebonite and acrylic, or metals, such as brass, silver or aluminum are also present, in particular for the production of calligraphy instruments.

In recent years I have specialized in making fountain pens and other calligraphy instruments in small series or as unique pieces, of which I usually have a good number available. You can purchase my pieces by making orders through this website and visiting the handcraft markets, local and national craft fairs or penshows in which I exhibit my work.

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Do not hesitate to contact me if you want one of my exclusive and unique pieces or if you have an idea for a project.

Giuseppe Ambrosioni.